"It was great to have a venue that was out of London and have a very recent project as the focus for discussion"
Karen Whitting, Royal Armouries

"An enjoyable and informative conference"
Theresa Doyle, National Museums Liverpool

"The range of topics covered all aspects of the conference title, which not all conferences manage to do"
Dominic Sore, Patton Heritage

"Really useful conference - have come back with lots of ideas and ambitions.  Thank you"
Sophie Clapp, Boots

"Thank you for a very useful day"
Julian Ayre, Museum of London


"The talk on The Israel Museum was truly inspirational.  I enjoyed it immensely"
Guy Parks - The British Museum, London

"The paper on LED lighting couldn't have come at a better time for us, will watch to see how the technology develops with interest"
Dale Copley - The Fusilier Museum, London

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend this conference to my colleagues"
Lynne Avery-Johnson - Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich


“Thank you for the very informative and enjoyable conference. I look forward to the next one”.
Wanda Sheridan, Project Director, Natural History Museum, London

“The presentations were of good quality and sound/vision was excellent. Also covering many aspects/views of interest of this subject”
Imke van Mil, Arup Lighting, London

“Many thanks for the conference and the links to the presentations. I’m afraid I had to miss the afternoon session but I did enjoy the morning session. 
I have spoken to my colleagues about the conference including the security chief here. Better advertisement for the conference next time would help get a wider audience in. It deserved a bigger audience. I think that all the speakers that I heard in the morning were very good with clear points well made. I will certainly pass on the information about your curvy Canadian cases to our designers so they can see what is possible!”
Derek Brain, Head of Conservation, Museum of Science and Industry, London